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painting3Are you moving? Have you purchased or going to be purchasing your first house or do you want to redecorate your home. The exterior of your home will be one of your most important concerns. The exterior paint of your house is essential because exterior paint influences people’s reaction to your home. There are differences between exterior paint and interior paint you will need to factor in before you will be able to get the exterior painting done. When it comes to exterior painting you want the experts, consult Southern Home Creations for the best quality painting jobs when it comes to your home.

There are many different types and brands of paint that can be used to paint your home. When it comes to exterior painting you need a specific type of paint that can endure outdoor weather conditions while lasting for long period of time. Some of the factors that you will need to take into consideration when choosing the correct type of paint for the exterior of your home you will be choosing the correct paint for the type of material on your structure. The exterior of homes vary in the surfaces used for example: wood, brick, concrete. Each type of surface has to be prepared differently and the amount of coating varies so that the exterior paint will last longer. Another factor that also affects the quality of the paint job is the color. You want a color that can hold up to UV light, while darker colors can appeal to some, the darker colors do not hold up to the UV light as well so they will fade over time. When you want a paint that provides better coverage and can endure better to UV light you will want to look for the light to medium shades of brown paint. The quality of paint can also save you time and money in the future. Better quality means you will be saved from repainting the exterior over and over again.

When you hire Southern Home Creations for your exterior painting job, we put your worries at ease. With our experts you know that you have highly skilled and qualified Paintingpainters who will take all these factors into consideration when advising you on your property. You can be assured that Southern Home Creations will perform your exterior painting job for your house properly. Our highly skilled painters are knowledgeable in all forms of painting. They know which paint primers and how many coats are needed for each type of surface for your home. You will get the best quality painting job when you choose Southern Home Creations to work as your painting contractor.

When it comes to painting your house in Duluth, Roswell, John's Creek or Cumming there is more than just choosing the right colors of paint and the amount of coats that are used. You want a paint that will not only protect the surfaces of the exterior of your home from UV light and other weather elements that affect your home. All exterior painting projects have to start somewhere. When Southern Home Creations starts an exterior painting project we will begin with the cleansing of the surfaces to be painted. We can start with something as simple as pressure washing the surfaces. Our qualified painting experts will also be looking at the surfaces to see if they exhibit signs of mildew, mold or other organic issues. Depending on the standing of the surface will depend on whether we will have to be used applications of bleach, a mild detergent, trisodium phosphate or another appropriate cleaning agent. We will then move on to the next step in prepping your exterior for painting.

Painting-Pic-2Your paint job will only be as good as the prep work done on the exterior. For a good exterior paint job all the peeling paint has to be removed by scraping it off. Eventually all exterior surfaces that are painted will peel no matter how many precautions that are taken. What you have to ask is will the paint peel in 40 years, or in just 40 months. While performing excellent prep work for the surface means removing all the paint that is already peeling, the remainder of the exterior paint needs to be locked under the brand new paint needs to be durable, impermeable coating to maximize the amount of time before the pre-existing paint begins to peel again.

If you have an older home in Berkeley Lake, Avondale Estates, Doraville, Chamblee or Atlanta you may have many layers of paint and we will need to see if you have an inter-coat adhesion problem. The pre-existing coats closest to the surface may still be adhering to the surface, but the middle coats may not be. This is why you want the experts of Southern Home Creations because finding the failing coats of paint and scraping them away can be extremely difficult. Painting2When you have inter-coat adhesion problems you have to be really careful because the application of new paint can cause the existing paint to peel, causing bubbling which would appear within hours or days of the new paint being applied. Should we run into this case we would start by applying an exterior chemical paint remover which may be the only way to attain a new paint job that will stand up to the elements and test of time.

Usually when a surface is prepped by scraping you will run into having bare wood exposed in some or many places. It is an absolute must that the exposed surfaces have primer applied before being painted. Here is a fact that not many know - regular exterior house paint does not hold to bare wood well. There are newer, state-of-the-art, exterior paints that in fact are self-priming and will bond to wood over long periods of time as well as primers do. If your home has lead paint there are certain EPA regulations concerning the disturbance and removal that we at Southern Home Creations would be happy to discuss with you.

Painting-PicDepending on the age of your home, it may have experienced deferred maintenance which may show that you have areas of rot. Should this be the case and the rot areas prove to be extensive, it may be necessary to replace whole areas or certain sections of the damaged wood. If the rot is isolated pockets then it can be repaired with special products that will halt the rotting process and dry out the rotten area. We can then scrap the loose particles follow certain procedures for the repair and painting process for these problem areas.

When you have issues like this it is best to call the professionals at Southern Home Creations. When you have an exterior painting project to be done consider all the factors and call Southern Home Creation with their highly skilled and qualified painting specialists.


10 Tips To Help You Choose Exterior House Paint Colors

Need help choosing your home's next paint color? Follow this proven tips to increase the value of your home and keep from making costly mistakes.

1. Keep with the history of the home. Do you have a historical home? If so, go with the original color or one from that time period that is appropriate to the house.

2. Blend with the neighborhood. Do you have architectural controls? If so,  you probably have to get approval first, and the colors will be similiar to what is in your current neighborhood.


3. Choose earthly colors from nature.

4. Coordinate with your roof (already a color, maybe gray) or shingles.

5. Coordinate with hardscapes of your home like brick or stone.

6. Get inspiration from your home's interior furnishings.

7. Choose more than one color to add interest, such as for shutters, decks, window trim, doors and decks.

8. Increase the size of your home with a lighter color or white.

9. Choose darker colors to add drama in large or small doses.

10. Keep your paint scheme balanced for a more soothing effect.





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